Brunson field service technicians are ready and willing to help solve your specific problems – on site at your facility. We have solved problems in every corner of the United States, and around the world as well.  We’ve been called to places like Germany, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, England, South Korea, Israel, India, and Japan - all to help customers with their measurement and alignment challenges.

Our experience is yours for the asking

Our field service group has come across just about every challenge at one time or another. For example, we’ve been involved with fixture assembly and certification, machine tool alignments and machine performance evaluation, equipment inspection and installation, and machinery troubleshooting. We’ve helped streamline our customers’ metrology procedures, assisted them in specifying their own metrology systems and trained them to effectively implement the tools.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with just about everyone and everything, from production managers who are under pressure to get things moving, to physicists and rocket scientists who live on the outer edges. All of this experience is yours for the asking. We can bring the many lessons we have learned over the years to bear on your particular problems and challenges.

Brunson alignment service

Our toolbox is at your disposal

While a clear understanding of machine alignment is one of our most effective tools, we have decades of experience applying this knowledge to industrial machinery. Our expert technicians utilize some of the most reliable and accurate measuring technology available. The disparity between average and exceptional machine operation is often a few thousandths of an inch. Your machines know the difference, and so do we.

Why call us?

Our clientele call on us for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they lack personnel who have the required skills, or the people they do have are committed to other projects. Sometimes they lack the proper instrumentation. Sometimes it’s a non-recurring need and there is no reason to invest in the equipment or workforce to handle the challenge. Other times, capital budget limitations prevent such investment. And sometimes, well, they’re just not sure how to solve the problem. That’s where we come in to help.

When it has to be right, call Brunson. We can help!

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